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About BlueGreen Services

Photo of wastewater treatment plant
Photo of wastewater treatment plant
We research, develop, and apply cutting-edge, sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment systems, helping companies cut costs, increase revenue, and reduce their carbon footprint.
Photo of wastewater treatment plant

This includes identifying and implementing beneficial reuse options, not only for the treated water itself but also its byproducts, to produce and reuse resources without harmful emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHG). Biosolids, nutrients, and biogas extracted from wastewater can often be converted into an on-site energy source, or renewable natural gas (RNG). We help clients, ranging from private industry to municipal governments, make that exciting possibility a practical reality.

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Industries We Support

Monetize Wastewater and Become Carbon-Neutral

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Food Processing



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Metal Finishing

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Landfill Leachate

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City hall


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Research Centers & Universities

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Core Services

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Pilot Testing

Pilot testing & project development comsectetur adipiscing elit sed do eiusmod.

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Specialty Lab Testing

Bench Scale Anaerobic Digestion, Custom Experiment Design, Verification

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Sustainability Auditing

Understand your carbon footprint, ESG performance, and areas for improvement

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Operational Consulting

Chemical optimization
Contract wastewater plant operations & monitoring

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Cutting-Edge Wastewater Solutions

Customized to You

Our nimble team of experts is proud to offer up to carbon-negative wastewater solutions and consulting as a boutique service, tailored to your organization’s niche and needs.
We can offer:

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Custom Chemistry

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Predictive Biological Monitoring Stations

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Selective Acclimated Biological Seeding Systems

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Research & Development

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Partners for Sustainable Wastewater Management

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Our network of strategic partnerships includes two technical advisors, one a PhD chemist and the other a PhD physicist, as well as a full wet chemistry lab and a University. Our current research projects include:

  • Microbial fuel cell viability both alone and as a co-treatment.

  • Determination and reduction of GHG emissions from various biosolids disposal methods.

  • Using carbon dioxide enrichment to improve biogas quality and methane yield in existing anaerobic digesters.

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