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About BlueGreen Services

Municipal and industrial operations, chemical optimization, environmental consulting, research and development, laboratory services, permitting and compliance monitoring, engineering, and product develop are all a part of our team’s background. We have decades of exposure to a variety of industries and the many pieces within each of those industries, allowing us to provide unparalleled, comprehensive service. We evaluate all parts of our services with a total process approach and prioritize environmental protection above all else.

Zac Lake, Co-Founder

Director of Operations & Innovation

Greg Fuhr, Co-Founder

Director of Sales & Business Development

Frustrated with the lack of services that provided a truly comprehensive analysis and plan of implementation from the lab to the field, and the general lack of innovation in wastewater treatment and biosolids management, Greg and Zac started BlueGreen Services. A company focused on improving sustainable wastewater and biosolids treatment. Educating, innovating, operating, and optimizing while developing equipment, systems, and protocols to maintain and protect operations at existing facilities during process improvements.

In 2020, BlueGreen Services began working on its first RNG project. A 1,200 mmBTU per day facility. Providing project development services, and biogas production and quality optimization.

In 2021, BlueGreen Services rolled out it’s first Canary, a biological monitoring system that works inline to evaluate current conditions and simulates future performance of anaerobic digesters.

In 2022, BlueGreen Services increased its laboratory capabilities by investing in biogas and biodegradability analytical instrumentation. This equipment allows us to understand waste streams and their potential with much greater detail, providing more accurate data to project developers, wastewater treatment personnel, regulators, and equipment manufacturers. Additionally, chemical optimization and nutrient addition can be tailored to and demonstrated on individual waste streams.

By the end of 2022, BlueGreen Services will be announcing a new biosolids management system that will change the biosolids industry for decades to come. The technology is sustainable, net energy producing, and creates high quality water. The residual solids volume is a fraction of existing technologies, meet all vector and pathogen reduction requirements for exceptional quality, and are ready for beneficial reuse.

BlueGreen Services is currently working on multiple R&D projects including CO2 enrichment, microbial fuel cells, advanced seeding systems, and new biological monitoring systems.