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Wastewater Analysis

Carbon-neutral, profitable wastewater optimization requires physical and chemical analysis. You can’t put your wastewater to its best use if you don’t have a lab-level understanding of what is in your wastewater and how to harness it, without excess carbon emissions. We design and execute lab experiments specific to the needs of each unique client — NO cut corners.

Blue Green Services distinguishes itself from other sustainable wastewater consultants with access to a full wet chemistry lab, university facilities, and PhD technical advisors.

This enables us to offer services many of our competitors simply can’t, including:
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Analysis of Biomethane Potential

Accurate estimates of how much valuable biogas can be extracted from your wastewater to reduce your carbon footprint.

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GHG Monitoring

Determine the quantity of harmful — and useful — greenhouse gasses are produced by your wastewater treatment system.

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Continuous Anaerobic Digestion & Fermentation Analysis

Determine the efficiency of your anaerobic digester and gain actionable insight of how to improve anaerobic, carbon-negative biogas production.

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Standard Wet Chemistry

Get the most accurate analysis possible of what is in your wastewater — so you can get the most possible reuse, cost reduction, revenue generation and carbon reduction out of it!

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Specific Methanogenic Activity Analysis

Gain a strategic advantage by knowing the exact methane-producing capacity of your anaerobic biomass.

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Biodegradability Analysis

Strategize properly with an accurate assessment of how biodegradable your biomass byproducts are, making them maximally productive while minimally carbon-intensive.

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Taxonomy of Biomass

Understand exactly what biomass is in your wastewater, so you can select for the perfect environment and maximize it’s efficiency.