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Turn Wastewater into Revenue

with Sustainable Wastewater Management

We help public and private organizations reduce their carbon footprint and reuse resources, but we go further than that … we harness their wastewater to reduce costs and produce additional revenue streams. As consultants, we treat your wastewater as another asset on your balance sheet. While it might sound funny to think of wastewater in this way, remember that you paid for that water, as well the organics that mix with it during use.

Are you making the most of this hidden asset?

Once cleaned, that water is still valuable … and so, too, are some of the “contaminants” removed from it, which can include biosolids, nutrients, and the ingredients of renewable natural gas. In addition to reducing the organization’s carbon intensity, these assets can be reused to reduce costs, or sold to produce additional revenue.

The goal of wastewater treatment is to convert the water, organics, and solids into forms that are easier to purify and repurpose. Sustainable wastewater systems also reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) and make beneficial, even profitable use of the water, solids and nutrients themselves.

No two organizations produce the exact same character of wastewater. No one-size-fits-all solution will enable that organization to reduce its carbon intensity or make maximal use of its wastewater.

Blue Green Services honor these differences, as well as our clients’ commitment to sustainability and operational excellence, with customized wastewater solutions that make the most of this asset — all while protecting the environment.

World-Class Solutions

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Chemical Optimization

  • Nutrient feed formulation based on specific taxonomy of biomass.
  • Specific chemistry based on waste stream and client needs.
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Operational Consulting, Contract Operations, and Monitoring

  • Development of immediate and long-term operational strategies.
  • Upset and non-compliance remediation.
  • Certified operator services.
  • Process control and compliance monitoring, on-site and remote.
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Equipped & Qualified

to Monetize Your Wastewater

We bring decades of experience, cutting-edge specialized knowledge, and resources no other consultant can boast, including:

Decades of Experience

including a PhD chemist and a PhD physicist, so you can rest easy that our advice has been vetted at the most expert level possible.

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A Full Chemistry Lab

to perform standardized lab testing for third-party measurement and verification, so we can identify all the valuable compounds in your wastewater.

Water purification facility

University Engineering Facilities

that perform cutting-edge research on wastewater treatment, so we can devise the perfect solution for you.