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in Sustainable Wastewater Pilot Testing & Project Development

We work with clients to design custom systems to answer their specific questions in real time and without risk.

Pilot testing provides the opportunity to understand process changes before implementation. Our systems also allow optimization of existing processes without the risk of process upsets. This information is critical for operators, project developers, equipment manufacturers, chemical suppliers, engineers, and system managers.

Pilot Testing Services

  • Biogas Projections & Modeling. Find out exactly how much usable biogas is in your wastewater, and how to extract it without releasing harmful GHGs.
  • Pretreatment Recommendations. Prepare your wastewater for optimal production of clean water and reusable or saleable byproducts.
  • Anaerobic Digester Design. Optimize digester design to create the best environment for the natural biological process of converting energy in your waste into usable biogas.
  • Secondary Treatment Recommendations. Optimize revenue and cost-savings with  a bespoke system for treating the byproducts produced by primary treatment.
  • Biosolids Handling Recommendations. Analysis of the biosolids in your wastewater, and how to optimize their extraction and reuse.

Project Development Services

  • Pilot plant design, including build, installation, operation, monitoring, and reporting, overseen by a team with decades of experience and PhD technical advisors.
  • Operation of long-term pilot testing stations used to optimize waste streams and study new waste streams, so your wastewater system can adapt to changing conditions.
  • Local and remote monitoring, so you always know your wastewater treatment is producing optimal, carbon-mitigating results.