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Your Wastewater Treatment;

Is it sustainable?

Our wastewater sustainability audit identifies opportunities for optimization in the following areas:
  • Byproduct reuse

  • Cut Costs

  • Increased revenue

  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions

  • Reduced carbon footprint

Our team of experts has decades of experience, as well as access to PhD technical advisors, university facilities, and a full wet chemistry lab. We can perform a comprehensive sustainability audit on your wastewater system and provide actionable recommendations to optimize it.

Insight and Recommendations to Improve Your Wastewater System

  • ESG Audits. We evaluate your wastewater and process water management against your goals for environment, social, and governance standards — including the quest for carbon neutrality.
  • Biogas Project Development Audits. We assess your current production of biogas against its potential, so you can minimize GHG emissions while maximizing energy and revenue production.
  • Sustainable Alternatives Reports. We perform lab analyses of your wastewater and byproducts to identify alternative, carbon-negative uses for the byproducts you might not have thought of.